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bioAffinity Kits

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Amino-Coupling Kit Amino-Coupling Kit
  Kit Components: Aldehyde Separopore® 4B-CL, 3 x 3 ml Amino coupling buffer Wash buffer Reducing agent Blocking buffer Empty columns   ...

Antibody Purification-Thiophilic Separopore Kit Antibody Purification-Thiophilic Separopore Kit
Antibody purification using thiophilic separopore is a simple and economical alternative to Protein A, the common method of immunoglobulin purification. There...

Carboxyl Coupling Kit Carboxyl Coupling Kit
    Applications: bio-World`s Carboxyl Coupling Kit consists of diaminodipropylamine (DADPA) Separopore® 4B-CL to generate a free primary...

His-Tagged protein purification, Ni Separopore ® Kit His-Tagged protein purification, Ni Separopore ® Kit
bio-World's His-Tagged protein purification Kit consists of Ni-Chelated Separopore® (4% beaded agarose), an imminodiacetate (IDA)-immobilized metal...

IgGPure Protein A Separopore ® (Agarose) Kit IgGPure Protein A Separopore ® (Agarose) Kit
  Applications: IgGPure Protein A Separopore®  Kit consists of affinity matrix with immobilized Protein-A (from Staphylococcus  ...

Protein-G elution buffer Kit Protein-G elution buffer Kit
Contains: 100ml       10X Elution buffer (Sterile) 100ml        1X Neutralization buffer

Streptavidin Separopore ® (Agarose) Kit Streptavidin Separopore ® (Agarose) Kit
Streptavidin Separopore® kit consists of streptavidin coupled to Separopore 4B-CL (4% cross-linked beaded agarose), designed for a single-step affinity...

 Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products)
Blackpearl® magnetic beads
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    IgG-Separopore™ 4B
  • IgG-Separopore™ An affinity chromatography gel matrix consiting of rabbit IgG bound to 4% agarose beads. This ..view product
    Cefotaxime sodium
  • Cefotaxime Sodium The bactericidal activity of cefotaxime sodium results from inhibition of cell wall synthesis. Cefot..view product

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