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Acrytol Mounting Medium Acrytol Mounting Medium
Acrytol is a rapid-drying mounting medium which enables slides to be screened immediately. It has a low viscosity , allowing the medium to flow easily. It also...

Bioclear - tissue clearing agent Bioclear - tissue clearing agent
A biodegradable hydrocarbon that is non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, and non-toxic. Ideal for tissue clearing in histology, histopathology, and immunochemical...

bioCLEAR Sealant bioCLEAR Sealant
A clear sealant for coverslips to mount histological sections. Significantly better that rubber cement.

Dermatology Fixative Dermatology Fixative
Specifications: Histology Grade pH (@ 25°C): 3.0-4.0

Formaldehyde Formaldehyde
- 37% solution - Biotechnology Grade Scientific Chemical Name: H2CO Specifications: Acidity(%)- <=0.03 Color (APHA)- <=10 Formaldehyde(%)- 37.0-37.5...

Histochoice clearing agent Histochoice clearing agent

Histochoice tissue fixative 100/CS Histochoice tissue fixative 100/CS

Histochoice tissue fixative 1x 20L size Histochoice tissue fixative 1x 20L size

Histochoice tissue fixative A Histochoice tissue fixative A

Histochoice Tissue Fixative MB Histochoice Tissue Fixative MB
Sold as 100mL, 2 x 100mL, 1L, or 4L.

Histochoice ™ MB tissue fixative Histochoice ™ MB tissue fixative
HistoChoice™ MB Tissue Fixative ™ The Molecular Biology Fixative Safe - Contains no formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde or mercury. Non-Toxic - Is...

HistoFix HistoFix
Non-formaldehyde/gluteraldehyde-based fixative

HistoSeal ® Laboratory Sealant HistoSeal ® Laboratory Sealant
HistoSeal* Laboratory Sealant is ideal for securing coverslips onto specimen slides and freshly mounted specimens. Convenient, non-toxic, and non-reactive,...

In Situ ™ Tissue Fixative In Situ ™ Tissue Fixative
In SituT Fixative is utilized for routine, manual or automated tissue fixation. Cellular material or tissues can be immersed in In Situ for transport and...

Methacarn, Carnoy's Fixative Methacarn, Carnoy's Fixative
Methacarn is a Carnot`s fluid in which mehanol replaces the ethanol. This causes less shrinkage of the tissue; as such the morphological preservation is...

Pronase 10mg/mL Pronase 10mg/mL
For proteolytic digestion og formaline-fixed tissue sections prior to the application of antibodies, 0.5mg/ml in PBS (10X)

Tissuefix ™ tissue fixative Tissuefix ™ tissue fixative
TissueFix™ MB Tissue Fixative is the first fixative designed for the molecular biologist. Specially formulated to preserve antigenic sites for antibody...

 Displaying 1 to 17 (of 17 products)
Lectin Separopore® 4B
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  • Non-formaldehyde/gluteraldehyde-based fixativeview product
  • HistoSeal* Laboratory Sealant is ideal for securing coverslips onto specimen slides and freshly mounted specimens. Convenient, non-toxic, and non-r..view product

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