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Biohazard Burn-Up Bin ™ (6/CS) Biohazard Burn-Up Bin ™ (6/CS)
Bench Model Burn-Up® Bin This sturdy, corrugated box is lined with a tough 2.0 mm polyethylene bag for proper storage until disposal. The closure assures...

Glass Disposal Box, Benchtop (6/CS) Glass Disposal Box, Benchtop (6/CS)
Bench Model Glass Disposal Box Keep broken glass separated to prevent accidental cuts and serious injury. This sturdy, corrugated box is lined with a tough...

Solvent Resistant Pen, Black Solvent Resistant Pen, Black
Specifications: Ideal for cytology and histology Resists solvents including alcohol, acetone, formalin, and xylene Easily removable with acetic acid, parrafin,...

UV Filter (shield) for Plant Tissue Culture UV Filter (shield) for Plant Tissue Culture
This product is a transparent acrylic UV filter for plant tissue culture. Prevents browning of tissue during callus culture and facilitate regeneration and...

 Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)
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  • Container Sealing Tape, White Ideal sealing tape for bottles and containers of all shapes and sizes. Chemical and temperat..view product
  • Cholesterol A compound that is suitable for use in liposome preparation Specificatation:..view product

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