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Magnesium Chloride, anhydrous Magnesium Chloride, anhydrous
An excellent magnesium ion source for synthesis and biology research Synonym: Magnogene Specifications:   Usually ships within 24 hours. This product is...

Malachite green oxalate Malachite green oxalate
A biological counterstain to fuchsin and safranin Synonym: N , N , N ′, N ′-Tetramethyl-4,4′-diaminotriphenylcarbenium oxalate, Basic Green...

Manganese Chloride Manganese Chloride
A useful agent to detect phospholipid vesicles Plant Micronutrient Appearance: Crystalline Density : 2.01 g/cm3 at 20 °C Melting Point: 58 °C (lit.)...

Mercuric chloride Mercuric chloride
A laboratory reagent and a molecular compound. No longer used for medicinal purposes because it is highly toxic and superior treatments have become...

Methotrexate Methotrexate
A cell cycle arresting agent that inhibits DHFR Antineoplastic agent that acts as an antimetabolite of folic acid biosynthesis. Protect from light. May cause...

Methyl Cellulose, 400 centipoises Methyl Cellulose, 400 centipoises
A methyl ester of cellulose. Used as a thickener and emulsifier in various food and cosmetic products Used in the manufacture of capsules in nutritional...

Methyl-β-D-glucuronide monohydrate, free acid Methyl-β-D-glucuronide monohydrate, free acid
Potential glucuronidase inducer.   Usually ships within 3-5 days. This product is sold for laboratory research use only. Appearance: Solid Melting...

Methylene Bis-Acrylamide Methylene Bis-Acrylamide
A cross-linking agent used during the formation of polymers such as polyacrylamide. Proteomics Grade Abs.@290nm (1%, Water)- <=0.2 Acrylic Acid(%)-...

Metribuzin Metribuzin
It is an is an aminotriazinone herbicide used in agriculture for both pre- and post-emergence in crops including soy bean, potatoes, tomatoes and sugar cane....

MSTFA (N-methy-N-(trimethylsilyl) trifluoroacetamide) MSTFA (N-methy-N-(trimethylsilyl) trifluoroacetamide)
Silylating agent that forms volatile derivatives for GC-MS analysis   Appearance: Liquid Boiling Point : 130-132 C(lit.) Density : 1.075 g/mL at 25...

 Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products)
Recombinant Proteins
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    IgG-Separopore™ 4B
  • IgG-Separopore™ An affinity chromatography gel matrix consiting of rabbit IgG bound to 4% agarose beads. This ..view product
    Cefotaxime sodium
  • Cefotaxime Sodium The bactericidal activity of cefotaxime sodium results from inhibition of cell wall synthesis. Cefot..view product

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