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Formaldehyde Test Kit - Formaldehyde - Range (0-1.00%), (0-10.0%)


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Formaldehyde Determination Test Kit

Simple and economical analysis, this test kit is supplied ready to use. Comes complete with a rugged carrying case to keep your kit protected and organized, as well as a comprehensive instruction manual to guide you through the analyses step by step.


  • Range and smallest increment: 0 to 1% CH2O and 0.1%
  • Range and smallest increment: 0 to 10% CH2O and 1%
  • Method: Sulfite/Hyperchloric Acid Titration
  • Number of Applications: 110
    Hazardous Materials Description :Formaldehyde, solutions, with not less than 25 percent formaldehyde
    Hazard class or Division : 8
    Identification Numbers : UN2209
    Packaging Group : III
    *Applies additional hazardous materials handling charge

  • Brand Name:HANNA
    Size:1 Kit
    Catalog No.:40601000-1 ( 061076 )


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