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Casein blocking buffer with fish gelatin


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Casein Fish Gelatin Blocking Buffer is a non-mammalian blocking solution that does not cross-react with mammalian antibodies and is suitable for ELISA assays. Blocking buffer is supplied in a 10X concentration of physiological saline buffer.

Technical Information:

  • Casein Blocker with Fish Gelatin is a casein-based blocking agent
  • Includes 3 X 30 mL, 10X concentrate
  • Prepares 900ml of working solution
  • 1X working solution contains: 1% casein, 0.45% fish gelatin in PBS.

  • Storage:- 20 C
    Brand Name:bioPLUS
    Size:100 mL
    Catalog No.:10450001-1 ( 715389 )

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