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Lens culinaris (Lentil) lectin (LCA, LCH) - Rhodamine (TRITC)


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Technical Specifications:

Ligand Source: Lens culinaris

Molecular Weight: 50 kDa

Carbohydrate Specificity: αMan (High Mannose), Fucα6GlcNAc

Inhibiting/Eluting Sugar: a-Methylglucoside + a-Methylmannoside

Carbohydrate for Elution: 0.2M a-Methylglucoside + a-Methylmannoside

Blood Group Specificity: N/A

Conjugate: Rhodamine

Form: Liquid

Isoelectric (pI): 7.6-8.4

Storage: -20°C


Application note: Calcium and Manganese are required for binding.

Purity:High Purity Grade
Brand Name:GlycoMatrix
Size:2 mg
Catalog No.:21761034-1 ( 510173 )

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