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NZ-Amine A


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NZ-Amine A is a casein enzymatic hydrolysate perpared from bovine milk.

  • Used for the preparation of media for the growth of lambda phages
  • This peptone is a rich source of high quality amino acids and peptides for microbiology
  • Bacteriological Grade
  • pH: 6.4-7.0
  • Appearance: yellow powder


  • Amino/ Total Ratio: 45.0%-55.0%
  • Ash: ≤7.5%
  • Clarity (Hach, 2100 AN): ≤1.06
  • Enterobacteriaceae(/g): ≤10
  • Moisture: ≤5.0%
  • Total Nitrogen: >11.0%

Storage:2-6 °C
Brand Name:bioPLUS
Size:1 kg
Catalog No.:30626004-3 ( 502369 )

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