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bioPLUS Enzymes Products

Item Name Category Size
Alkaline Phosphatase and Conjugates Buff..   Enzymes Add
Factor XA Protease Digestion Buffer   Enzymes Add
Kinase Storage Buffer   Enzymes Add
5-Bromo-4-Chloro-3-Indolyl-α-D-Gal..   Substrates Add
ABTS Liquid Substrate   Substrates Add
AEC 50X   Substrates Add
AP-Blue   Substrates Add
AP-Blue Stop Reagent   Substrates Add
AP-Yellow   Substrates Add
D-Luciferin Free Acid   Substrates Add
DAB Liquid Concentrate 10X   Substrates Add
DAB Liquid Concentrate 50X   Substrates Add
p-Gal   Substrates Add
X-Gal and IPTG   Substrates Add
X-Gal and IPTG   Substrates Add
X-Gal and IPTG, Spray Bottle   Substrates Add
X-Gal, Dropper   Substrates Add
X-Gal, Spray Bottle   Substrates Add
X-Glc Sodium Salt   Substrates Add
X-Glc, X-Glucoside   Substrates Add
Zymolyase   Enzymes Add
α-Chymotrypsin   Purified Add
Alkaline Phosphatase in 50% Glycerol   Purified Add
Cellulase RS (Onozuka RS)   Purified Add
Chymotrypsin A   Purified Add
DNase I (Bovine Pancreas)   Purified Add
FireTag™ AP   Purified Add
Firetag™ AP Conjugation Kit   Purified Add
FireTag™ HRP   Purified Add
Glucose Oxidase   Purified Add
Lysozyme   Purified Add
Malate Dehydrogenase   Purified Add
Pectinase   Purified Add
Pepsin 1:3000 (porcine source)   Purified Add
Pepsin, Proteomics Grade   Purified Add
Peroxidase (Horseradish) (HRP)   Purified Add
Protein A-HRP Conjugate   Purified Add
RNase A (Ribonuclease A)   Purified Add
RNase A Solution, 4mg/mL   Purified Add
S1 Nuclease   Purified Add
Super Zymolyase, 2 x 0.5ml   Purified Add
Trypsin (Bovine)   Purified Add
Trypsin 1:250   Purified Add
Trypsin 2.5% 10X Solution for cell/tissu..   Purified Add
Trypsin, 2.5 % (10X) Solution for cell/t..   Purified Add
Trypsin, TPCK-Treated   Purified Add
Urease from Jack Bean, 80% purity   Purified Add
Urease, high purity, from Jack Bean, cry..   Purified Add