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Analysis Kits

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Bang's Reagent Bang's Reagent
Bang's reagent for glucose estimation. Contents K2CO3 KCl KHCO3 CuSO4 H2O

Benzidine Hydrochloride Solution Benzidine Hydrochloride Solution
Benzidine dydrochloride solution for sulfite determination Contains (C12H8(NH3)22HCl) HCl H2O

Bial's Reagent Bial's Reagent
For pentose Contains: Orcinol (5-methyl-1,3-benzenediol) HCl FeCl3

Cupferron (Baudisch's Reagent) Cupferron (Baudisch's Reagent)
For iron analysis Storage in dark Contains: Cupferron H2O

Esbach's Reagent Esbach's Reagent
Used for estimation of protein Contains: Picric acid Citric acid Hazmat Fee Applied

Fehling's Solution A+B Fehling's Solution A+B
Reagent used for reducing sugars Contains: CuSO4 Potassium sodium tartrate

Ferric-Alum Indicator Ferric-Alum Indicator
Hazmat Fee Applied

Nuclear Matrix Fractionation Kit Nuclear Matrix Fractionation Kit
Nuclear Matrix Fractionation Kit:   A kit designed to extract the non-chromatin structural systems from the nuclei of Eukaryotic cells.  These...

 Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products)
Con-A sepharoseŽ 4B
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