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Market Your Innovations

Bio-Innovation Research Funding Partnership Program

Empower yourself and increase your research support!

bioWORLD.com is a major supplier of molecular biology tools and specialty biochemicals and is developing many innovative products for biotechnology research. We offer you a unique opportunity to join our BioInnovation Research Funding Partnership Program which may allow you to support your research with the tools you have already developed in your laboratory. If you have any immunological innovations (monoclonal, polyclonal antibodies, specific antigens, molecular reagents, techniques, or clones) which other scientist can use, bioWORLD.com will help in developing and marketing these products internationally.

If you get frequent requests for your material, which takes your valuable time, you can redirect these to us and we will fill these requests for you, which in turn will generate revenue for your laboratory.

The goal of this program is to empower scientists to take advantage of their own research by generating some revenue to support their research program. bioWORLD.com, with the help of its research team, will develop these products out of your laboratory and commercialize them. In return, bioWORLD.com will work out a licensing/ royalty agreement with your organization, based on the total annual sale of these products, which can be used directly by your laboratory to increase your research funding. You may wish to purchase other laboratory supplied for that amount (which will be provided at an additional discount) and thus support your laboratory's requirements through your own innovations.

    These products may include:
  • Proteins for monoclonal/polyclonal antibody production
  • Genes for probe, expression studies, and protein production
  • Signal transduction molecules
  • Vectors for cloning, expression, and targeting of proteins
  • Specific primers for identification of microbes, genes, mutations, etc.
  • Selectable markers for transformation of plants or animals
  • Mutant cell lines, strains, particularly thermostable or cryostable
  • Reagents for histology, pathology, or immunological studies
  • Techniques for affinity purification of enzymes or proteins
  • Any innovation that facilitates molecular biology research

Give us a call at 614-792-8680 to discuss this innovative approach. We assure you success. All discussions will be held in strict confidence.

Concanavalin A coated microplates
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