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Zeatin is a cytokinin growth regulator which promotes cell division. High concentrations of Zeatin produce advantitious shoot formation. Zeatin's uses include prevention of leaf senescence, reversal of toxin affects on shoots, and inhibition of excessive root formation. Zeatin is plant cell culture tested. 

Synonyms:trans-Zeatin; 6-(4-Hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enylamino)purine, N^6-(4-Hydroxy-3-methyl-2-buten-1-yl)adenine
Catalog No.:30631019-2 ( 706202 )
Size:100 mg
Brand Name:bioPLUS™
CAS Number:1637-39-4
Molecular Formula:C10H13N5O
Molecular Weight:219.24
Hazmat Shipping:Non-hazardous
Shelf life:4 years
Solubility:Solubility in water: soluble. Solubility in other solvents: soluble in alcohol and DMF.
Appearance Form:Powder
Appearance Color:Off-white to yellow
Melting Point:207°C
Density:1.4 g/mL

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