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IEF Cathode Buffer 10X


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Isoelectrofocusing Cathode Buffer (10X)
bioWORLD running buffers are prepared using high quality reagents so you can be asured of accurate test results
Technical Information:

  • Dilute with deionized water to make 1X.
  • 1X Concentration Contains: 20mM Arginine (free base) and 20mM Lysine, (free base).
  • pH 10.1

  • Catalog No.:10530004-1 ( 743142 )
    Size:250 mL
    Brand Name:bioPLUS
    pH Value:10.1
    Hazmat Shipping:Non-hazardous
    Shelf life:2 years
    Appearance Form:Liquid
    Appearance Color:Colorless


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