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IPG Immobilized pH Gradient-Strip Equilibration Buffer


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IPG-Strip Equilibration Kit

For equilibration of IPG strips before running second dimension SDS-PAGE electrophoresis. No need to worry about urea induced protein carbamylation or waste of unused reagents.


  • The kit is supplied with a proprietary buffer necessary to support efficient reduction of the disulfide bridges and alkylation of the thiols while minimizing re-oxidation of the competing thio pairs in protein samples.
  • Improves resolution and prevents streaking of protein spots on 2D gels.

  • Synonyms:IPG-Strip Equilibration Kit
    Catalog No.:10530006-1 ( 705940 )
    Size:50 mL
    Brand Name:bioPLUS™
    Shelf life:1 year
    Appearance Form:Liquid


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