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RNA Gel Loading Kit


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RNA Gel Loading Kit

bioWorld offers an RNA Gel Loading Kit for sample preparation prior to electrophoresis. Previously, when researchers were preparing RNA samples for analysis, several solutions had to be prepared under carefully controlled conditions to avoid RNase contamination. In addition, deionized formamide had to be prepared in order to ensure optimal results.

This kit has been developed to provides all the necessary reagents for denaturing and loading RNA samples onto formaldehyde gels buffered with MOPS. Careful consideration has been taken to ensure that prepared solutions are free of nuclease contamination. Additionally, we use our Ultra Pure deionized formamide and DEPC water to ensure that your results are the best that they can be. All the user needs to do is dissolve the RNA sample in 10 l of DEPC water (provided) and mix with 35 l denaturing solution (provided) then heat to 65 C for 5 minutes. After quick cooling of the sample and the addition 5 l of loading dye (provided), the prepared sample is ready for loading and electrophoresis.


  • Biotechnology Grade
  • Contains: 5ml Denaturing Solution, 2ml DEPC Water, 0.5ml Glycerol Gel Loading Dye
  • Storage: 2-8°C
  • Hazards: Toxic, irritant, suspected mutagen, suspected carcinogen

  • Catalog No.:10570026-1 ( 705879 )
    Size:100 Prep(s)
    Brand Name:bioPLUS™


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