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Gene Bullet™-G, Ready-to-Use (Particle Bombardment)


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Gene Bullet - G, Ready to Use

Gold is an inert, dense, and non-toxic material that penetrates cells for gene transfection. Uniform particle size and spherical shape give Gene Bullet -G an advantage over other microcarriers.


  • Coat the DNA/RNA sample on the Gene Bullet-G and you are ready for delivery into host.
  • 0.5 ml Gene Bullet-G Gold Suspension, Diameter: 0.8 microns.
  • Treated, washed & resuspended in 20% glycerol (50mg/ml). Shipped cold - 2-6 °C. Must be stored at -20 °C

    Sold as 2 x 0.5mL.

    Catalog No.:10720002-1 ( 520120 )
    Size:1 mL
    Brand Name:bioPLUS™
    Hazmat Shipping:Non-hazardous
    Shelf life:6 months


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