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bioZOL™-G RNA Isolation Reagent


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bio-WORLD's bioZOLTM-G RNA Isolation Reagent is a single phase solution designed specifically for the isolation of pure, intact RNA from tissue and cells of human, animal, plant, bacterial or viral origin in less than 90 minutes. The reagent is a complete kit that utilizes guanidine thiocyanate and β-mercaptoethanol, two of the most potent inhibitors of RNase, to effectively disrupt cellular structure, while inactivating RNase released from membrane-bound organelles. Total RNA is free of protein and DNA and can be used for cDNA synthesis, Northern blotting and in vitro translation. Use approximately 1ml bioZOLTM-G per 50-100 mg of tissue sample or 5-10X106 cells.

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Catalog No.:10760055-1
Size:100 mL
Brand Name:bioPLUS™
Hazmat Shipping:Hazmat shipping fee applies.
Shelf life:3 years
Appearance Form:Liquid


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