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Gene-Exit DNA Isolation Kit Without Column


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geneEXIT™ DNA Isolation Kit

Uses a superior proprietary binding matrix PinkResin for the isolation of DNA from a gel. The non-toxic GeneExit system provides you with DNA that is ready for any downstream application. Suitable for extraction of DNA fragments from 100bp to more than 20kb in both TAE and TBE buffer gels.


  • Run samples, identify and isolate the DNA bands of interest.
  • Bind DNA to pinkRESIN™.
  • Elution of pure DNA followed by a quick washing.

  • Isolation of DNA/RNA fragments from agarose gels.
  • cleaning and removing contaminants from DNA/RNA samples.

  • 100 preps
  • No spin columns provided

  • Catalog No.:10760008-1 ( 515983 )
    Size:100 Prep(s)
    Pkg. Format/Yield:1 Kit
    Brand Name:bioPLUS
    Hazmat Shipping:Non-hazardous
    Shelf life:2 years

    *Cold Shipping and packing charges apply.


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