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Meta DNA Isolation Kit


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The Meta DNA Isolation Kit is used to isolate inhibitor-free, fosmid cloning-ready DNA from unculturable or difficult-to-culture microbial species present in environmental water, soil, or compost samples. The kit isolates high-molecular-weight DNA that is randomly sheared (with fragment sizes approximately 40 kb), does not require size selection, and can be used directly for end-repair and construction of fosmid libraries, PCR amplification, or next-generation sequencing. The kit can also be used to prepare 16S rRNA metagenomic libraries for phylogenetic classification or species-abundance studies.

The procedure uses filtration technology (with 1.2-µm and 0.45-µm membranes provided) and enzymatic lysis (with Ready-Lyse™ Lysozyme and Proteinase K) to isolate metagenomic DNA from water (100 ml per extraction), soil (1 g per extraction), or compost (300 mg per extraction). The purified DNA is free from humic and fulvic acids.

Note: This kit requires a suitable filtration apparatus (e.g., MilliPore Cat. No. XX1004700, Nalgene Cat. No. 130-4045), which is not included.
Contains: Extraction buffer, Filter Wash Buffer, Meta-Lysis Solution (2X), MPC Protein Precipitation Reagent, Proteinase K, Fosmid Control DNA, RNase A, Ready-Lyse™ Lysozyme Solution, TE Buffer, 0.45-µm cellulose acetate filter membranes, 1.2-µm cellulose acetate filter membranes.

Catalog No.:10760015-1 ( 525158 )
Size:10 Prep(s)
Pkg. Format/Yield:1 Kit
Brand Name:bioPLUS™
Shelf life:1 year

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