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EZ Yeast Plasmid Isolation Kit


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bioWORLD's EZ Yeast Plasmid Isolation Kit uses a spin column based easy protocol to purify yeast plasmid DNA. Eluted plasmid DNA can be used for E. coli trasformation, PCR, and Southern blot analysis.

  • Possible to isolate high yield yeast plasmid without glass beads, phenol, or repeated vorterxing by using a modification of an alkaline lysis method originally developed for E. coli.
  • Supplied with a high performance lytic enzyme preparation which efficiently releases plasmids with yields up to 0.3ng from 1.5ml culture.
  • EZ Yeast Plasmid Prep is suitable even for low copy number yeast plasmids.
  • Used for plasmid isolation from colonies, patches on plate, or liquid culture.
  • Easy spin column procedure


Catalog No.:10760007-1 ( 525400 )
Size:100 Prep(s)
Pkg. Format/Yield:1 Kit
Brand Name:bioPLUS
Hazmat Shipping:Non-hazardous
Shelf life:1 year

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