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Lyophilized Ready PCR Mix, 2X


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Grade: Biotechnology Grade

Synonym(s): lyophilized master mix, master mix with loading dye


Lyophilized Ready PCR Mix, 2X, offers the same conveniences of our Ready PCR Mix, 2X, but in a lyophilized form, allowing greater stability. The lyophilized formulation allows room temperature storage until dissolution with water. All components for assembly and performance of PCR reactions as well as loading and visualization of PCR products on agarose gels are included. The user supplies high purity grade water, primer and template DNA.

Lyophilized Ready PCR Mix is supplied as a 2X powder of reaction buffer, Extender™ Taq polymerase blend, dNTPs, electrophoresis tracking dye and a non-mutagenic EZ-Vision visualization dye.  The powder can be stored at room temperature prior to dissolving in water. Once dissolved, the reaction mix must be stored frozen. Similar to the Ready PCR Mix, when amplification is complete, the PCR reaction can be directly loaded and separated on an agarose gel using the magenta-colored tracking dye (migrating at approximately 10bp on a 1% gel) to monitor the migration. After electrophoresis, the PCR products are immediately visualized with standard UV illumination without additional post-run staining and destaining steps. The Lyophilized Extender™ PCR-to-Gel Master Mix, 2X contains the same formulation as the Lyophilized Ready PCR Mix, 2X without the fluorescent DNA Dye.



Eliminates ethidium bromide hazards

Increases ready mix stability and room temperature storage

Streamlines PCR sample handling and processing



Abs.@ Lambda Max (520nm): 0.65 - 0.85

DNase (P/F): NONE

PCR Test (P/F): PASS


Catalog No.:11140037-1
Size:1 Vial(s)
Brand Name:bioPLUS

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