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Human Albumin ELISA Test Kit (Quantitative)


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Albumin is the component of plasma proteins, with mol. Wt 66kD. When tubular function decrease and get damaged, the albumin can not be sucked back fully, and this will cause the increase of albumin content in urine, the serve will form proteinuria. The determination of albumin content in the blood or urine is an important basis for the assessment of urine function, renal injury site identification, assessment of diabetes, hypertension and drugs on renal function damage.


Principle of the test:

Albumin kits are based on  competitive method. Coat micro well plates with albumin antibody to form solid-phase antibody, in competitive inhibition reaction, a certain amount of solid phose antibody and enzyme labeled albumin and non-labeled antigen 9std or saples) suppress competitive inhibition reaction, after the reaction, it will form solid phose Ab-enzyne labeled albumin complex. Remove the unbound HRP Ab. Add substrate and detect absorbant value with 450nm wavelength.


Materials Supplied:


Item                                                                      Quantity                           Storage Condition

Albumin Microplate (12 x 8 wells)                        96 wells                                       4°C

Albumin Standard                                                 1 vial                                             4°C

10X Diluent N Concentrate                                   30 ml                                            4°C

Biotinylated Human Albumin Antibody              1 vial                                            -20°C

100X HRP Conjugate                                           80 µL                                           -20°C

Chromogen Substrate                                           8 mL                                                4°C

Stop Solution                                                       12 mL                                               4°C

20X Wash Buffer Concentrate                             2 x 30 mL                                        4°C

Sealing Tapes                                                        3                                                     N/A


Concentration of Standards: ug/ml  - 0.1, 03, 1, 5 12 and 80


Catalog No.:11140040-1
Size:1 CS
Brand Name:bioPLUS


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