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Ready PCR Mix 2X


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Synonym(s): PCR Master Mix PCR to Gel

Grade: Biotechnology grade

Direct to Gel Loading, Immediate Visualization, Safe to Use

Ready PCR Mix, 2X offers a single-step procedure for performing PCR reactions followed by analysis on agarose gels without the addition of loading buffer. All components for assembly and performance of PCR reactions as well as loading and visualization of PCR products on agarose gels are included. The user supplies primer and template DNA.

Kit (1 unit) includes 1.25 ml tube of 2X reaction mix (includes all reagents except template and primer DNA). Combine primers, DNA template, nuclease-free water, and Ready PCR Mix, 2X in a PCR tube. After product amplication, directly load the PCR reactions to a gel and separate. Once electrophoresis is complete, visualize the DNA product using a standard UV illuminator.


Abs.@515-525nm (50uL/950uL Water): 0.36 - 0.38

DNase (P/F): NONE


Catalog No.:11170052-1
Size:1 Unit(s)
Brand Name:bioPLUS

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