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BeTTerView™ DNA Visualizer Kit


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BetterView™ DNA Visualizer Kit includes 25 mL 200X Staining Reagent and 3 mL 6X Loading Buffer with Stain.

  • UV-free visualization of DNA bands in Agarose Gels (view with ambient light, photograph on a light box).
  • Safe alternative to ethidium bromide.
  • Better for cloning of excised DNA bands – DNA not damaged by UV/ethidium bromide - use standard methods.
  • Eliminates need stain or destain after running gel .
  • Detects as little as 50 ng of DNA per band. Sensitivity may be increased by drying the gel.
  • Use the included Loading Buffer and not one with other dyes
  • Cast the agarose gel with the BetterView™ Reagent at 1X final concentration (add Reagent when agarose is cooled, immediately before pouring).
  • Run gel using standard methods. A violet dye front will run in the opposite direction of the DNA – do not let the DNA bands migrate past the dye front. Visual inspection should reveal the leading DNA bands – or use on light box for added monitoring.

Catalog No.:10450010-1
Size:1 Kit
Brand Name:bioPLUS™


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