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Carboxyl Coupling Kit


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bio-World's Carboxyl Coupling Kit consists of diaminodipropylamine (DADPA) Separopore® 4B-CL to generate a free primary amine at the end of a long spacer arm. This kit is suitable for covalent immobilization of peptides or other carboxyl-containing (–COOH) molecules for use in affinity purification procedures. It includes carboxyl Coupling matrix as well as all the necessary buffers to perform coupling reaction in multiple column uses. Molecules, including proteins, peptides and nucleic acids, are covalently coupled to the free primary amines, and the stable columns are ideal for affinity purification of antibodies and other interacting partners. Molecules can be coupled to the free amine by numerous amine-reactive methods. The resulting amide bond is highly stable and greatly reduces the chance of leaching of the affinity tag. The long spacer arm reduces steric hindrance and ensures greater binding of proteins and antibodies during affinity purification. The Carboxyl Coupling Resin has a very high capacity of immobilized DADPA and offers >60 µmole amine load for every ml of resin. This high capacity offers unsurpassed efficiency and capacity in the immobilization of carboxyl containing proteins. The Carboxyl coupling kit can also be used for the immobilization of nucleic acids/ oligonucleotides through 5’ phosphate groups.


Kit Components:

  • DADPA-Separopore® 4B-CL (Carboxyl coupling matrix)  2 x 5 ml or 5x 2ml
  • EDC crosslinker
  • Coupling buffer
  • Wash buffer
  • Columns/accessories



  • Isolation of polymerase chain reaction-ready bacterial DNA from Lake Baikal sediments by carboxyl-functionalised magnetic polymer microspheres. J Chromatogr A. (2006) 1130: 115-21.


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Catalog No.:20150001-1
Size:10 mL
Pkg. Format/Yield:2 x 5 mL
Brand Name:bioPLUS™
Shelf life:2 years

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