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NADP Separopore® 4B-CL


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NADP covalently bound to Separopore® has a high affinity for NADP-dependent enzymes and dehydrogenases. Acetyl-CoA binds to NADP-Separopore® 4B-CL twelve times higher than NAD-Separopore® 4B-CL. NADP-Separopore® 4B-CL has also been used to purify extracellular nucleases.

Note: Separopore® is a cost-effective equivalent to Sepharose® in all of its physical properties and binding characteristics.

Swelling: 1 g swells to approx. 5 ml

Catalog No.:20181023-1 ( 506383 )
Size:1 g
Brand Name:bioPLUS™, Separopore®
Hazmat Shipping:Non-hazardous
Shelf life:3 years
Appearance Form:Supplied as lyophilized powder stabilized with lactose
Matrix:Separopore® 4B-CL (crosslinked agarose beads, 4%)
Matrix Attachment:N-6
Particle Size Range:52 - 165 μm
Suspension:Supplied as lyophilized powder stabilized with lactose
pH Stability:4 - 10

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