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α-Lactose Separopore® 6B-CL (Divinyl Sulfone-Coupled)


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Applications: α-Lactose-Separopore® 6B-CL is used in protein chromatography, affinity chromatography and complex carbohydrate matrices. α-Lactose-Separopore® 6B-CL has been used to study microneme proteins and host-parasite cell surface receptors. Lactose-Separopore® 6B-CL may be used to isolate lactose binding proteins, such as lectins and membrane glycoproteins.

Note: Separopore® is a cost-effective equivalent to Sepharose® in all of its physical properties and binding characteristics.

Catalog No.:20181174-3
Size:50 mL
Brand Name:bioPLUS™, Separopore®
Hazmat Shipping:Non-Hazardous
Shelf life:2 years
Appearance Form:Liquid (Suspension)
Matrix:Separopore® 6B-CL (crosslinked agarose beads, 6%)
Matrix Activation:Divinyl Sulfone
Matrix Attachment:Hydroxyl
Particle Size Range:52 - 165 μm
Spacer Arm:5 atoms
Binding Capacity:20 - 25 mg lectin from Arachis hypogaea / ml drained gel
Suspension:Suspension in 0.15M NaCl, 0.01M sodium phosphate, pH 6.8, containing 0.02% sodium azide

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