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BioTrAP Abundant Protein Removal Kit (Separate Antibodies)


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Abundant Protein Removal  

bio-WORLD's immunoaffinity columns will remove many of the abundant proteins in serum that interfere with proteomic analysis. These include albumin, transferrin, haptoglobin, alpha-1-antitrypsin, and many of the immunoglobins. By removing these proteins, the remaining serum can be concentrated, making detection of low abudance proteins easier. These columns are available packed with Separopore® support. We also provide columns for the removal of any one of these proteins, or a custom mixture of depletion supports.


  • 1ml column with anti-albumin: Cat No. 22040002-1
  • 1ml Column with anti-transferrin: Cat No. 22040003-1
  • 1ml Column with anti-haptoglobin: Cat No. 22040001-1
  • 1ml Column with alpha-1-trypsin: Cat No. 22040000-1
  • Serum Diluent
  • Binding/Washing Buffer
  • Column Regeneration Solution

Catalog No.:21340005-1
Size:4 mL
Brand Name:bioPLUS™

*Cold Shipping and packing charges apply.


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