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Acrytol Mounting Medium


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Acrytol is a rapid-drying mounting medium which enables slides to be screened immediately. It has a low viscosity, allowing the medium to flow easily. It also prevents air bubbles from becoming trapped.

Acrytol contains an antioxidant to inhibit stain fading and prevent the formulation of annual rings. A thin coating of Acrytol is all that is needed to adhere a coverglass to a microscope slide. Coverslipping and slide preparation.

Synonyms:Methylbenzene, methylbenzol, phenylmethane, toluol, methacrylic acid methyl ester, MMA
Catalog No.:21730018-1
Size:100 mL
Solubility:Toluene or Xylene (Insoluble in water)
Appearance Form:Liquid
Boiling Point:231°F (110°C)


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