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In Situ™ Tissue Fixative


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In SituT Fixative is utilized for routine, manual or automated tissue fixation. Cellular material or tissues can be immersed in In Situ for transport and preservation of antigenic sites. In Situ maintains the morphological integrity of cells or tissues, and enhances specific immunohistochermical staining in tissues embedded in paraffin medium.

• In Situ permits in situ PCR reactions.

• A nonhazardous tissue fixative exempt from EPA disposal regulations.

• Virtually odorless.

• Inactivates the HIV-1 virus in culture.

• Maintains cellular morphology.

• Optimizes immunohistochemistry results.

Catalog No.:21730010-1 ( 710149 )
Size:100 mL
Brand Name:bioPLUS


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