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p-Azidophenyl Glyoxal.H2O


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APG, p-Azidophenyl glyoxal•H2O

  • Photoreactive
  • Arginine residue reactive

  • References: 1.) Ngo, T.T., et al (1981) J. Biol. Chem. 256, 11313-11318. 2.) Sgro, J., et al (1986) Eur. J. Biochem. 154, 69-76.

  • M.W. = 193.2

  • Synonyms:APG
    Catalog No.:40100232-1 ( 507037 )
    Size:100 mg
    Brand Name:bioPLUS™
    CAS Number:96602-46-9
    HTS Code:29280090
    Molecular Formula:C8H7N3O3
    Molecular Weight:175.14
    Hazmat Shipping:Non-hazardous
    Shelf life:2 years
    Solubility:Soluble in hot water
    Appearance Form:Powder
    Appearance Color:Slightly yellow to off-white
    Melting Point:94 - 122°C


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