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Isoamyl alcohol


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It is one of several isomers of amyl alcohol and a main ingredient in the production of banana oil, an ester found in nature.

Ultra Pure Grade
Color (APHA)- <=20
Moisture (KF)(%)- <=1.0

  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Boiling Point : 130 °C(lit.)
  • ChEBI : Not available.
  • Crystal_Structure : Not available.
  • Density : 0.809 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
  • Electron Configuration : Not available.
  • HS Code : 29335995
  • InChI : 1S/C5H12O/c1-5(2)3-4-6/h5-6H,3-4H2,1-2H3
  • Ionization Energy : Not available.
  • IUPAC_Name: 3-Methyl-1-Butanol
  • Melting Point: 117 °C(lit.)
  • Molar Mass: Not available.
  • NFPA 704: Not available.
  • PH Value: 5.6 at 25 g/l at 20 °C (68 °F)
  • RTECS Number: EL5425000
  • Synonyms: 3-Methyl-1-butanol, Isoamyl alcohol, Isopentyl alcohol
  • Viscosity: 3.692 mPa·s

Catalog No.:40970000-3
Size:1 L
Brand Name:bioPLUS™
CAS Number:123-51-3
HTS Code:29335995
EC No.:204-633-5
Molecular Formula:C5H12O
Molecular Weight:88.15
Solubility:H2O: 25 mg/mL at 20°C.
Appearance Form:Liquid
Appearance Color:Colorless
Melting Point:-117°C
Boiling Point:131 - 132°C
Density:0.809 g/mL at 25°C


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