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Drosophila Homogenization Buffer, Sterile Drosophila Homogenization Buffer, Sterile
Drosophila Homogenization Buffer, Sterile is commonly used in research involving fruit flies. This buffer aides in the process of homogenization.

Glass Homogenization Beads Glass Homogenization Beads
Biologically-inert, glass beads provide extra Obite during sample preparation to help break down tissues and cells into their constituent components. ...

Bead Tubes Bead Tubes
Bead Tubes containing glass beads for rapid and reliable biological sample lysis from a wide variety of starting materials. Applications Rapid lysis of...

Chloroplast Isolation Kit Chloroplast Isolation Kit
bioWORLD's Chloroplast isolation kit provides a simple, rapid and efficient procedure to isolate intact chloroplasts from plant leaves. The chloroplast...

Foam Free Foam Free
FoamFree™ Specifications: Foam Free, free-flowing dry powder, has been specifically developed for controlling foam in various biotechnology applications....

Hypotonic Lysis Buffer Hypotonic Lysis Buffer
  Hypotonic Lysis Buffer is a detergent-free, ready-to-use solution for the isolation of cytoplasmic proteins from cultured mammalian cells. Cell lysis...

Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit
For rapid isolation of total DNA from plants and fungi Rapid and simple procedure Isolate total DNA including pathogen DNA without phenol Liquid nitrogen is...

RNA-Total Arrest™ Kit RNA-Total Arrest™ Kit
RNA-TOTAL ARREST™ The TOTAL Arrest™ RNA kit isolates total RNA from contaminating DNA, proteins, and nucleases using a binding matrix, pink...

RNase-Arrest™ Buffer RNase-Arrest™ Buffer
RNase-ARREST™ BUFFER RNase Arrest™ Buffer is an optimized combination of various chaotropic agents and RNase inhibitors, which inhibits RNase in...

Soil DNA Isolation Kit Soil DNA Isolation Kit
For the rapid preparation of inhibitor-free DNA from all types of soil Isolate total DNA from all microorganisms found in soil, including bacteria, fungi...

Sucrose Phosphate Buffer 10X Sucrose Phosphate Buffer 10X
Sucrose Phosphate Buffer 10X is frequently used for the precipitation of glycogen from pellets. Sucrose can be used to stabilize a cell and its organelle...

Total RNA Isolation Kit Total RNA Isolation Kit
The Total RNA Isolation Kit is designed specifically for the isolation of pure, intact RNA from tissue and cells in less than 90 minutes Utilizes guanidine...

Viroid RNA Purification Kit Viroid RNA Purification Kit
For the rapid purification of total viroid RNA from a wide range of plant species. Isolate high quality viroid RNA from a wide range of plant species ...

 Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 products)
Glycoprotein staining kit
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